BRMi has been accredited by global software provider UiPath as a member of its UiPath Services Network, or “USN.” USN recognizes an elite network of service delivery partners accredited with advanced delivery skills on par with the UiPath Professional Services team.

As a member of the USN, BRMi has proven its competency, its success via client references, and its knowledge and use of best practices. The company, which formalized a strategic partnership with UiPath in 2018, is now officially considered able to deliver state-of-the-art robotic process automation implementations consistently and with “know-how” equivalent to UiPath’s own professionals.

“I’m proud to say BRMi is in the USN. It was a significant effort, signaling our commitment to the business relationship we have with UiPath,” said Trevor Brown, BRMi Senior Director for Technology. “While we knew our capacity and were confident in ourselves, USN really identifies BRMi as a leader in the field of intelligent automation across all spectrums of delivery. Our business analysts, developers, architects, and infrastructure support teams were integral in the accreditation, which had a rigorous and comprehensive assessment process. I am especially grateful for the expertise and dedication of our team to this achievement,” added Brown.

According to BRMi’s President, Mike Battle, “It’s another win-win. The value proposition with USN accreditation is tremendous. Our clients can rest assured that they are receiving the most professional service capabilities in business analysis, optimization, and system integration to fully automate an enterprise, if need be, with all the strengths of UiPath’s market-leading, open, extensible, end-to-end automation suite. We’re bringing the right solutions, with scalability and options, for the client environment.”

The USN accreditation is the latest step in a steady series of automation capability and growth-related moves for BRMi over the last few years. It comes on top of the UiPath Advanced Developer Certification received by multiple BRMi technologists in March 2020.