Operations Services

The BRMi Difference

BRMi provides a comprehensive collection of services necessary to set up, secure, and manage data centers and enterprise applications. Our technical teams have specialized expertise to support secure health care environments and scientists.

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Infrastructure and Operations Management

We implement new technologies and provide overall management of data centers and the user community. Our services include overall data center operations, enterprise storage management and database administration, systems management, service desk (tiers 1, 2, and 3), service and change management (ITIL v3 expertise), backup and recovery, and IT asset management.

Information and Security Assistance

Our specialists ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and non-repudiation of information and systems. Our expertise includes business continuity planning, disaster recovery and reconstitution, system security planning, NIST 800 Series, C&A/RMF, user authentication & authorization (PIV/two-factor, NAC), incident response and remediation (FISMA), vulnerability and patch management, and FEMA emergency processes.


Innovation is at the heart of our ability to execute. We offer our clients the highest levels of system performance, data availability, and user technical support with minimal resource demand. Innovative processes allow us to execute at or above industry standards while helping our clients to avoid costs and freeing them to invest in other priorities. Our clients benefit with over 99% uptime, over 99% satisfaction, and 100% fulfillment of established service metrics.

Our Operations Services in Action

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