The BRMi Difference

BRMi advisors provide strategies and operational tactics to enable delivery improvements, successful transformations, greater effectiveness, and the agility to respond to new market and policy drivers.
Our expertise and practical experience in strategies & roadmaps, planning, process improvement, architecture, and decision analytics accelerates tangible results. We apply effective change management practices and measure outcomes throughout the improvement process. We focus on how to turn your vision and ideas into reality.

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We help develop your multi-year technical direction and realize your vision through business-to-technology plans, real goals, key performance indicators, concepts of operations, stakeholder outreach and engagement, and industry benchmarks.


We operationalize the business-to-technology strategy with an actionable plan that addresses initiative definition and design, transition, rough-order-of-magnitude estimates, and stakeholder outreach and engagement.


BRMi has you covered on enterprise, business, segment, and solution architectures. We help you analyze alternatives, select technology and vendors, model and design the solution, prove concepts through pilots, rationalize the technology, and understand design patterns.

Management Reform

We help you navigate and implement industry, government-wide, and business-specific reforms.

Change Management & Training

We prepare individuals and organizations for change through stakeholder analyses, communications plans, facilitation, surveys and impact analyzes, training, and measurement.


We help you establish and follow practices that facilitate achieving your goals. We provide tools and frameworks that improve decision-making, including centers of excellence, to manage investment and lifecycle gate reviews, technology and acquisition approvals, backlog prioritization, and process improvements.

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

We manage outcomes at all levels—portfolio, product, program, and project—through our management frameworks for people, process, capital, and technology.


BRMi helps your organization to collaboratively form its vision, starting at the appropriate level for your needs (process, program, mission function, enterprise). Our understanding of current management reforms and policies enables us to quickly assess your current environment, establish benchmarks, and enhance your planning outcomes. We work with you to operationalize your strategy by defining and prioritizing initiatives within a roadmap to achieve your vision.

BRMi designs key performance indicators into the process to manage the initiative implementation in actionable and digestible size. We draw in change agents throughout the organization to champion the results. We help you to achieve the focus and find the leaders you need to achieve results.

Our Advisory Services in Action

DHS FITARA Implementation

PBGC EA Program Management and Processes

DHS ICAM Program Management

DOJ IT Investment Performance Analytics and Dashboards

TSA Air Cargo Management Systems Modernization