The BRMi Difference

From large scale IT modernization efforts to short-term engagements, BRMi has a record of building process and IT solutions that are enthusiastically adopted by user communities and provide a quantifiable return on investment. The delivery of IT solutions that meet customer’s needs drives results, not the technology. Our certified experts meet the demand whether in a nonspecific cloud environment running any stack or an on-premises environment with proprietary solutions.

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Methodology & Transformation

We integrate Agile and lean methodologies within an organization while evolving best practices and frameworks through training, advocacy and practice leads.


We integrate DevOps and security best practices and frameworks through advocacy and practice leads, portals for collaboration, monitoring the lifecycle from development to production, and reaching common ground between security requirements, development and operations.

Application Development

We design, develop, and deliver software applications, running on myriad operating systems, for traditional as well as mobile and wireless accessible devices, including distributed computing models.

Cloud Migration

We move clients into cloud providers (public, private, community) while supporting hybrid deployment models.

Whether it’s workload migration, cloud-native development, data migration, or cloud orchestration, BRMi will seamlessly shift to a suitable cloud delivery model for your technology platforms.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We assist you with the execution of a structured, repeatable, automated quality assurance & testing (QAT) approach for stable, reliable and secure software.


We measure the success of our application service over several facets. Value to the client is paramount; we keep costs low by allocating the required resources in a “just in time” sequence. Quality is integral in all phases. In most cases we are subject matter experts for the client and have extensive knowledge of the mission and support needed. Application services are tightly coupled with BRMi’s pivotalF4 delivery framework and industry best practices such as the Twelve-Factor App methodology as well as CMMI. We enable our clients to scale their Agile adoption and fit it to the needs of the organization.

Our Application Services in Action

DHS GOES Modernization

CBP/ICE Firearms, Armor, and Credentials Tracking System

ABA Private Cloud Implementation and Migration

PBGC Cloud Computing Readiness Analysis