Business Optimization Services

The BRMi Difference

BRMi advisors and technologists provide performance insights and enable efficient operations through intelligent process analysis, strategic alignment, and streamlined design; automation; and analytics-based decision support.

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Business Process Management

We combine modeling, measurement, automation, and optimization of activity flows to support functional, mission, and/or enterprise goals, whether private or public sector.

We examine your organization from the inside-out, starting at the heart of your business/operation: your processes. Looking at your operational ecosystem through a “process lens” helps to streamline operations and deliver greater value. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to explore the art of the possible in achieving meaningful outcomes that matter to you and your customers.

Intelligent Automation (incl. RPA)

Our approach: process led, technology enabled. While some IA providers want to jump right to the technology application, BRMi takes the time to do it right the first time. We approach IA as part of your business process optimization.

BRMi understands the importance of focusing on the process. This positions us to determine where an IA or robotic process automation (RPA) solution will make the most sense and we are better prepared for process-automation implementation by our market-leading certified technical experts. BRMi’s approach sets the organization on its way to faster cycle times, reduced errors, increased customer satisfaction, and lower service delivery costs.


We determine the effectiveness of an organization using various methods and tools—like information discovery, data cleansing & normalization, and reporting and dashboards—to intelligently consume information and enable smarter business decisions.

Our business analytics philosophy: simplify complexity. We transform your structured and unstructured data in a way that tells a story, helping equip the leaders of your organization to make decisions that are founded on quantifiable rationale which will yield positive returns.


Three outcomes are crucial to a performance based, customer-driven agency or business: (1) clarity on strategic direction, (2) alignment of available resources, and (3) increased discipline and efficiency in daily operations.

Business Process Management

Our pivotalF4® service delivery framework is tailorable to your process management needs. It is structured, yet scalable up or down depending on your program/project goals and business/operational needs. Rapid process improvements, typical business modernization, or enterprise-wide transformations; we select and customize the types of activities and outputs from our ample process management toolkit that align to your needs.

Intelligent Automation (incl. RPA)

Our rapid IA implementation framework produces immediate outcomes: (1) velocity, or increased data processing cadence, accelerated decisions, and reduced backlog; (2) productivity, or focus on value-added activities, increased customer service, and automation of repetitive tasks; and (3) quality, or increased data accuracy, eliminated rework, improved compliance, and delivery of trusted information.


We leverage our suite of tools and visualization studio to help you tell a story using real data and equip your leaders with the rationale to make sound decisions and accurate forecasts. We can extract findings and recommendations where you may have believed quantifiable data didn’t exist. We work with business and process owners to understand their key performance indicators and enable easy data collection and reporting through the power of business intelligence.

Our Business Optimization Services in Action

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