End-to-End Information Technology Services

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Our application services include methodology & transformation, DevSecOps, application development, cloud migration, and quality assurance & testing (QAT).

BRMi developers produce enterprise and mobile applications in your environment. Our competencies include .net, Java, PHP, and mobile. Our development incorporates Agile principles, DevSecOps, continuous integration/continuous delivery, and a QAT Center of Excellence to move your capabilities to the next level.

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Business Optimization

Our business optimization services include business process management, intelligent automation (including robotic process automation), and business analytics.

BRMi advisors and technologists provide performance insights and enable efficient operations through intelligent process analysis, strategic alignment, and streamlined design; automation; and analytics-based decision support.

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Our advisory services include strategy; roadmap; enterprise architecture; management reform; change management & training; governance; and portfolio, program, and project management.

BRMi advisors provide strategies and operational tactics to enable service delivery improvements, business transformation, greater effectiveness, and improved response agility to respond to new market and policy drivers.

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Our operations services include infrastructure and operations management and information security and assurance.

BRMi provides a comprehensive collection of services necessary to set up, secure, and manage data centers and enterprise applications. Our technical teams have specialized expertise to support secure health care environments and scientists.

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Applied Information Sciences

Our applied information sciences services include advanced statistical and mathematical methods, experimental design and implementation, scientific programming/bioinformatics,and preparation for publication.

BRMi science professionals deliver statistical and mathematical modeling and analysis. We develop scientific programs for operational research, including biomedical and public health disciplines. Our thought leaders work closely with the research communities to identify solutions to complex health topics and prepare publications for use in scientific journals.

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Our Frameworks At a Glance

BRMi’s frameworks are integrated, tailorable, and support the full lifecycle.

BRMi’s pivotalF4® service delivery framework is combined with our Agile and DevSecOps frameworks to provide guidance to our delivery teams.

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BRMi’s Agile framework is activity agnostic and integrated with our pivotaF4 delivery framework.

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BRMi’s development, security & operations (DevSecOps) and continuous integration/continuous development (CICD) framework rapidly provisions and configures the many infrastructure components needed to support deployment of applications.

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