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Moving Your Business and Technology Forward

BRMi is an innovative, business process-driven IT solutions provider. Our fundamental philosophy is to gain and leverage a deep knowledge of our client’s mission and operational processes to simplify complexity and quickly deliver the right solutions to make a positive impact.


BRMi’s services provide a coherent framework for our customers. Our solutions are driven by three delivery principles that maintain focus on creating value:

  • Optimization – Ensuring our customers’ business processes and technologies are clearly understood to determine what solutions work best.
  • Agility – Designing and building future-proof technical capabilities to flex with business demands and easily respond to dynamic environments.
  • Performance – Using visual analytics and data science tools to help customers make the right strategic and operational decisions.

To drive systems modernization, BRMi’s Agile and DevOps Frameworks facilitate rapid implementation of modern IT infrastructure and app dev. Here’s how we do it:

  • High-value rapid return is enabled through an integrated development and operational cadence that yields s lean application development lifecycle, while simplifying the transition to a secure, hybrid cloud delivery paradigm.
  • Our advanced analytics capabilities aggregate mission and enterprise data to support informed decision-making and planning through data visualization.

Application Development, Testing, and Deployment
BRMi developers produce enterprise and mobile applications in your environment. Our competencies include .net, Java, PHP, mobile, and others, as well as Agile and waterfall methodologies.

Robotic Process Automation
BRMi believes in simplifying complexities by optimizing client operations through automation. Our robotic process automation (RPA) services include consulting and technology realization. We will work with you to deliver RPA solutions that will streamline your organization and let you focus on your business or core mission.

BRMI’s cloud services support digital business & operational models to succeed in today’s e-world. We provide expert planning and execution of client-focused cloud strategies to attain desired outcomes based on our proven, repeatable processes. Optimize your IT strategy, see solutions deploy rapidly, and secure your environment through BRMi’s cloud services.

Mission Enhancement
BRMi blends together the right mix of strategy, architecture, and process management. Our delivery model enables rapid development of IT solutions, providing immediate value and well-aligned strategic impact.

Pivotal | Agile | DevOps | CICD
BRMi’s pivotalF4 is the foundational methodology to our service delivery and can be applied equally to all customer needs. Our approach is scalable and adaptable to engagements of all sizes and complexity. Our Agile and DevOps Frameworks, integrated into pivotalF4, are designed to provide optimal delivery cadence for our customers.

BRMi will help you make more informed decisions by enabling access to the information you need, using a repeatable agile methodology to provide results. Our expertise in implementing business intelligence (BI) tools enables us to transform disparate data sets into powerful visualizations of mission, investment, and performance information.

BRMi’s service delivery methodology, pivotalF4, is combined with our Agile and DevOps Frameworks to provide guidance to our delivery teams. pivotalF4 is tailorable, scalable, and repeatable to ensure delivery of the right outcomes in the first service iteration.

To ensure continuous mission value for our customers, pivotalF4 is grounded in the application of our in-depth technology services, business acumen and mission knowledge. Read more about our accompanying Agile and DevOps Frameworks below.

Pivitol F4


  • Our Agile Framework is activity agnostic – equally effective when applied to all BRMi’s services and is a best-of-breed hybrid of market-leading methodologies.
  • Grounded in proven design principles, the framework is designed to be collaborative, scalable, outcome-focused, and time-boxed.
  • We use Emergent Design and Intentional Architecture to provide appropriate levels of detail for product characteristics to encourage a lean lifecycle.

The framework is integrated with pivotalF4.

BRMi Agile Framework


BRMi rapidly provisions and configures the myriad of infrastructure components needed to support deployment of mission applications. Our workflow processes use automation to reduce errors and increase productivity.

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