DMS Experts Owen Brophy, Michael Schlesinger, and Shawn Hyder Teaching Kids How to Build a Computer

Kids Learning the Fun Trick of Using Fruits as Batteries

Our team at the National Cancer Institute at Frederick helped their own children and those of their NIH colleagues have a fun and inspiring day of discovery on June 27, 2023, during Take Your Child to Work Day. This event gave the kids a chance to see their parents’ daily contributions through various programs and hands-on activities involving scientific, information technology, and health-related topics—like applying the properties of liquid nitrogen to make ice cream. Because science!

DMS also established an informational Web page to promote the event, built a registration site for all attendees, and staffed the registration desk on-site as volunteers to help attendees check-in upon arrival.

Hopefully the next generation of passionate scientists and computer gurus will be in the making!