Dr. Tyler Malys, Director of Statistical Consulting and Scientific Programming

On January 10, Dr. Tyler Malys, Director of Statistical Consulting and Scientific Programming at DMS, a BRMi company, was named as one of the Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Washington, DC for 2023 by The Healthcare Technology Report. Dr. Malys is putting both BRMi and the Washington metropolitan area “on the map” for healthcare technology. He shares the distinction of being among those recognized for their dedication to clinical breakthroughs and live-saving innovations for patients.

Prior to becoming the Director of Statistical Consulting and Scientific Programming, Dr. Malys was a DMS Assistant Director (2020-2022), Manager (2017-2020), and Senior Statistician (2016). He earned his PhD in bioinformatics and genomics from The Pennsylvania State University in 2015.

Dr. Tyler is among the many high-performing experts employed by DMS, a wholly owned subsidiary of BRMi, which has been supporting its clients successfully since 1981, bridging the gap between scientific researchers and their technology partners. Over the past 40 years of supporting researchers, DMS has developed a great depth of knowledge and a deep appreciation for biomedical and public-health missions. Its information technology services and expertise in data science and data engineering disciplines (e.g., statistical and mathematical modeling, experimental design, and bioinformatics) are helping to reduce the pain and suffering related to cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other infectious diseases.

BRMi is proud of Dr. Tyler’s dedication to his profession and commensurate achievements and is most appreciative of his outstanding contributions to the BRMi group of award-winning companies. Congratulations, Tyler, and thank you!