The COVID-19 pandemic reminds us all of the importance of having an exceptionally well-thought-out and practiced continuity-of-operations (COOP) plan. Agencies are required to document and thoroughly test their plans. Fortunately, we have not experienced any national, large-scale events in our area over the last decade or more. As a consequence, the focus has shifted away from rigorous COOP updates and testing. We may now be finding that the COOP plans need to be tuned to today’s operational and technological environments.

Consider how much technology has changed service delivery processes over the last 15 years. Top of mind is the widespread use of cloud computing, expanded telecommuting, and the use of mobile apps by customers. It may appear these technologies would support continuity in a crisis, which they do well only when considered as components of a broader plan. For agencies to efficiently provide continued services during times of crisis, a well thought out, technologically diverse, and practiced plan will work. The current global pandemic is putting a strain on agency leaders who do not have current and well-tested COOP plans. This scenario delays agency response to the challenge and should be a call to action.

BRMi is here to help. We will assess and tune your COOP plans to match today’s environment and establish a continuous review and testing process so that you are better prepared for any future service delivery disruptions. Contact us today for a consultation. #areyouready?