DevSecOps Is Going Mainstream

//DevSecOps Is Going Mainstream

DevSecOps Is Going Mainstream

Fully integrated, continuous integration (CI) platforms are quickly becoming indispensable to establishing effective DevSecOps in software development organizations. These platforms are becoming more integrated day by day to help eliminate the heavy integration work required to build and maintain effective CI pipelines. Additionally, these platforms also offer more comprehensive tools to help improve the quality, security, and efficiency in comparison to custom CI toolsets.

It’s been exciting to watch the DevSecOps way of thinking become mainstream. IT managers have stopped viewing DevSecOps as a new fad and now demand the best-of-breed tools for their projects to make DevSecOps a measurable reality. Most software development organizations have experience establishing their own set of CI tools to automate many areas of the software build process. This typically involved selecting a CI server like the Jenkins or Bamboo, which then required manual integration of a group of open-source products into the CI server to accomplish tasks such as code quality measurements, app server connections, vulnerability scans, etc. It’s tremendously rewarding to set up this type of automation and see it work successfully for your organization!

However, the effort to stand-up a custom CI server with associated integrations is no longer the best option for most organizations. Choosing a fully integrated platform or a managed service allows your team to focus on building software and making adjustments based on the metrics produced by a CI platform instead of maintaining the tools that comprise your CI platform. Leading tools such as GitLab, Circle CI, Codefresh, AWS CodePipeline, and Azure DevOps Server are all great options.

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