BRMi Welcomes RPA into Its Toolbox

//BRMi Welcomes RPA into Its Toolbox

BRMi Welcomes RPA into Its Toolbox

Traditional software developers will need to embrace robotic process automation (RPA) development—another tool in the proverbial toolbox—as intelligent automation continues to accelerate in growth. While it may be hard to imagine certain skills in this market becoming a commodity anytime soon, as was the case with Java development, skills must keep pace with change to stay relevant.

At BRMi, our managers have consistently counseled on the importance of relevancy throughout our employees’ careers and we welcome “the RPA tool” into our skill mix. Skilled RPA developers will undoubtedly be in high demand over the next 10 years. Solutions that come out of IT organizations will contain traditional software solutions coupled with RPA. There is no need to separate software developers from RPA developers. The skills in using most RPA platforms are very similar to traditional software development.

BRMi is diligently growing its digital-work-force capabilities. We have adopted this skill set within our recruiting model and we include it in our performance assessments to actively align our employees to our strategic outlook. Our approach makes us a top choice for supporting your intelligent automation strategies.

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