BRMi Strengthens Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Putting sound recommendations into practice is further strengthening BRMi employee satisfaction and retention in 2018. BRMi initiated its Shout Outs program at the beginning of this year based on feedback from stay interviews conducted in 2017 with every BRMi Consulting employee.

The Shout Outs program, a mechanism for employee-to-employee appreciation, lets employees formally praise their teammates and colleagues for a job well done on any given day. The gamified program tabulates and displays “Shout Outs,” with an award for the employee with the most Shout Outs in a given quarter. Peer-to-peer recognition improves and equalizes the chances of employees being recognized and rewarded. Moreover, it helps to bring their performance and achievements to the attention of BRMi executive management and the company at large.

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