Demystifying RPA—What It Is…And Isn’t

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—What is it? RPA is a technology application that enables organizations to create efficiencies in their operations by automating certain manually intensive tasks. RPA frees up employees’ time to focus their intelligence, reasoning, and judgment on more value-add work. In other words, RPA “takes the robot out of the human.” RPA is most efficient and successful when it can be delivered through an organization’s existing user interface, eliminating the need to modify its underlying applications and systems, and resulting in a low-risk solution.

It’s important to understand what RPA does and doesn’t do as you consider the potential benefits. Despite popular belief, RPA is not the same as Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the term AI has often been used to describe various activities ranging from simple automation all the way to in-depth thinking and interpretation algorithms, AI is ranked as the highest level of automation maturity, with the ability to develop ideas and apply continuous learning based on experience, resulting in automation that is able to think, learn, and interpret. RPA does not do this. RPA cannot think or act for itself in the same way as AI. It does not replace these traditionally “human” capabilities.

Over the last few years, organizations have begun to better understand and benefit from RPA. When an organization partners with an RPA expert who delivers a solution built upon its existing applications and systems, the organization is able to show a return on investment in weeks; not months or years. Partnering with an RPA provider who can combine business process optimization with leadership in technology further ensures rapid results for the organization, unlocking its employees’ potential, delivering increased productivity, and maximizing value from its investment.

RPA can be applied to various functions in an organization, and, when combined with business process analysis, can quickly unlock and release potential for faster cycle times, reduced errors, increased customer satisfaction, and lower service delivery costs…all while empowering employees to put their saved time toward value-added work that furthers the organization’s mission.

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