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Many CIOs Are One-for-All and All-for-One

CIOs in many agencies encounter significant challenges trying to move their agencies toward modernization. Successful CIOs are spending more of their time these days coaching and assisting the ones who haven’t been so fortunate. This one-for-all culture has a positive impact on how our government provides services. Change is, after all, not a simple or [...]

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The Value of Everyday Innovations

As we conclude another performance-assessment cycle, we reflect on our values as a company and on the contributions of our people. One particular aspect we highlight is innovation & creativity. In industry, we hear a lot about “big innovations,” but more commonly, it is the sum of smaller, everyday innovations that often make the biggest [...]

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Which Agile Framework Is Right for You?

Agile frameworks vary dramatically even though they share a common set of principles. Organizations tend to initially adopt a framework based on their organizational culture and readiness and evolve it based on their experience in its application. Finding the right Agile framework to get started can be a challenge and may slow adoption as organizations [...]

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