CIOs in many agencies encounter significant challenges trying to move their agencies toward modernization. Successful CIOs are spending more of their time these days coaching and assisting the ones who haven’t been so fortunate. This one-for-all culture has a positive impact on how our government provides services.

Change is, after all, not a simple or quick undertaking. Challenges CIOs face include a lack of support from colleagues and agency heads, push back from mission leaders, and misunderstandings with policymakers and legislators over budget allocation and other topics. Time is also a barrier to change because the “will” to mitigate conflict fades as time wears down change agents.

Intelligent automation (IA) is one emerging capability that brings these challenges to the forefront. IA’s impact and value are not yet well understood by agency, mission, and IT leaders. Other capabilities that preceded IA include shared administrative and cloud-based services, both of which have now become mainstream after many years of effort. IA combined with process streamlining has the benefit of rapid implementations and rapid results which is fueling expansion by mission leaders supported by CIOs. The increased level of collaboration and sharing among CIOs about IA enables improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

BRMi congratulates and champions the CIOs and their teams who are expanding their impact beyond their agencies. Your enthusiasm for sharing emerging capability implementation success strategies and problem-solving tactics is improving the quality of government services on a broader scale. #oneforall&allforone