BRMi Wins RPA Contract with FVCbank

//BRMi Wins RPA Contract with FVCbank

BRMi Wins RPA Contract with FVCbank

BRMi is partnering with fast-growing financial services institution FVCbank to leverage the emerging robotic process automation (RPA) technology to improve efficiency of key areas of FVCbank operations. Utilizing the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform, BRMi will operationalize automated assistants to streamline a variety of financial processes managed by FVCbank.

“We are fortunate to have a supportive technologically driven partner that understands our high touch customer service focus and can help us improve the customer experience through faster service delivery,” said Patricia A. Ferrick, President of FVCbank.

“Expectations for faster, customer-friendly services are increasing at a pace that’s challenging for banks and other financial institutions to meet without optimizing service delivery processes. As a forward-thinking business, FVCbank is embracing technology advancements to significantly improve services for their customers. We proved automation would improve service with our pilot concept; now, we’re making it a reality in day-to-day operations,” said BRMi’s founder and President, Mike Battle.

BRMi’s automation advantage is process led, technology enabled: a seamless marriage of operational strategies, tactics and performance insights with technical knowledge and engineering ability.

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