Successful Transformation Takes Will Over Time

//Successful Transformation Takes Will Over Time

Successful Transformation Takes Will Over Time

Modernizing the delivery of mission services can be a daunting process. It takes time and resilience. Success is largely dependent upon having the will to see initiatives through to completion.

“Having the will” reflects leadership and management dedication to institutionalizing change. Change needs an agency-savvy champion who can convince internal consumers that the new business process and/or tools will bring better results and reduce costs. The agency head, mission executive, CFO, CAO, and CIO must be on board and support the champion’s team. Building a coalition among these leaders is critical because it turns a transformative initiative into an agency initiative. It solidifies the links and partnership among mission, IT, finance, and acquisitions, enabling greater coordination and increased speed of implementation. This concept may be a challenge because it means culture change, which takes will, and more than that, it takes will over time.

BRMi’s “start-small-and-expand” approach helps build transformative partnerships and sustain will-over-time. Our experience from supporting champions has proven that a successful small effort goes a long way toward building enduring trust and cooperation. Ask us how we enable continuous implementation of optimized business processes and automation tools using the power of durable leadership coalitions. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.

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