Plan and Design for Success with BRMi Agile Techniques

//Plan and Design for Success with BRMi Agile Techniques

Plan and Design for Success with BRMi Agile Techniques

Projects fail when they are over budget, behind schedule, or when outcomes do not meet stakeholders’ expectations. The latter most frequently occurs when teams insufficiently plan and design, have a narrow view, or set expectations that are out of line with delivery of the service.

Teams must set aside realistic time periods to design and look at the solution from a technical perspective or risk missing the mark on delivering the expected business value. Discipline is key, and teams must be their best advocates in establishing proper design iterations so that stakeholders understand the importance. For example, our intelligent automation (IA) projects typically deploy a new technology that can be misunderstood. It is therefore critical to establish a design and a holistic approach to the platforms and technologies that provide the integrated business solution. Documenting a thorough architectural roadmap and overlaying the business processes is the first step. Proof of concept efforts quickly show where IA can be most effective and what can be achieved by other means. Communicating this information is essential to establishing stakeholder expectations.

Governance is another component to success. Implementing new capabilities without proper oversight and lifecycle management will quickly create an environment that has run off the rails. Furthermore, evaluation of projects is often overlooked or not given the same focus as when they are initiated. Capturing performance metrics before and after implementation and communicating lessons learned is important to continuous improvement.

BRMi will help you plan and design your IA and other development projects using our agile techniques. Our approach delivers outcomes that meet stakeholder expectations and avoids surprises to stay within budget and on schedule.

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