Starting in November and continuing through this month, BRMi’s nascent Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) committee has been sharing a little historical background with BRMi employees regarding holiday events from various religions and cultures. The email campaign is meant to raise awareness and appreciation for the practices and beliefs of all our employees and, ultimately, to help integrate our commonalities toward our best work. BRMi employees are learning some facts about Martin Luther King Day, Three Kings Day (Epiphany), and other holidays and awareness days that may be new to them.

The D&I committee also held its first virtual event, My Fullest Name, on January 15th to better acquaint BRMi employees with their peers through anecdotes—like the meaning behind one’s given name. According to feedback received, many participants appreciated the opportunity to connect and discover similarities among all.

At BRMi, every team member is a valued contributor in Executing Change and Accelerating Outcomes.