One constant in Presidential administration transitions are changes of leadership and/or direction in executive departments and independent agencies. Transition change is a fact of life in federal agencies even when the same administration remains in place. There will likely be new political appointees who have an agenda and a will to get things done quickly. Preparing for the change is a critical first step to a successful transition and will save time in responding to fundamental inquiries about the organization.

Federal leaders should take steps now to provide concise, accurate information about the existing state-of-affairs in their organizations, opportunities for improvement, and barriers to achieving greater effectiveness. Being prepared will help to earn the trust of new appointees and demonstrate a willingness and capability to carry out their agenda. Earned trust will lead to an opportunity to leverage creativity and problem-solving skills and become a key resource for the administration.

BRMi has a framework to guide federal leaders in preparing for a transition. We will help you document your agency’s narrative with factual data and metrics and present it through visual representations that make interpretation easier and more accessible. Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us to learn how we can help you get prepared for the inevitable change that will soon be on your doorstep. #areyouready?