Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of RPA

//Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of RPA

Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of RPA

More than 30 Federal agencies are either exploring RPA software tools or have one in production supporting the delivery of their services. Most of these early adopters discovered that automating a broken process will not significantly improve operational efficiency or customer service. They concluded that real value comes from a marriage between process streamlining and RPA technology.

Process streamlining does not need to be a drawn-out, complex procedure. Processes are composed of multiple tasks that may be independently streamlined and automated without disrupting the broader workflow. Identify the best task candidates first, then streamline and automate them in a series of short projects. Implementing them in rapid succession produces quick results.

BRMi’s Agile-based business process management practice rapidly reveals the best tasks for streamlining and automation using RPA. Our insightful process improvement expertise, methodology, and experience with the leading RPA tools make BRMi your best choice for streamlining your services. Read more about our business optimization services or contact us today to schedule a free consultation. #areyouready?

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