BRMi Helping Organizations to Make “Cloud Smart” Decisions

//BRMi Helping Organizations to Make “Cloud Smart” Decisions

BRMi Helping Organizations to Make “Cloud Smart” Decisions

Federal agencies face significant hurdles when migrating their custom software applications to the cloud. A “go to the cloud” strategy is too simplistic without an understanding of the key migration decisions required for success. Small and large migration efforts must consider the details surrounding security boundary changes, architecture, DevSecOps adoption, CI/CD platforms, SaaS offerings, FedRamp authorizations, new workforce skills, and cloud cost modeling. And that’s the short list.

A core BRMi capability is helping organizations make Cloud Smart decisions for migrating their custom applications. We understand that applications must deploy within a continuous integration (CI), deployment (CD), and monitoring (CM) platform. A CI/CD/CM platform will automate the software build, tests, vulnerability scan, deployment, elasticity management, and monitor operations. These goals can be achieved using a multitude of different products and cloud vendors, which makes implementation and adoption complex.

Our ability to adapt quickly to different cloud platforms is driven by our understanding of the core cloud concepts of automation, resilience, elasticity, and container architecture required by all cloud solutions.

On a recent engagement, our developers quickly adapted applications to a customer’s cloud platform to support migration and new development. We used the Mesopshere DC/OS platform, CloudBees Jenkins® automation platform, Aqua security and compliance software, JFrog® Artifactory® enterprise universal repository manager, GitLab® source code management tool, Grafana open source analytics software, Kibana open source visualization plugin, and the SonarQube code quality platform running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to achieve the DevSecOps goals of the customer. These tools provided the automation, metric collection, and security insights needed for robust operational awareness.

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