Combine Process Streamlining and Automation for Maximum Value

//Combine Process Streamlining and Automation for Maximum Value

Combine Process Streamlining and Automation for Maximum Value

Processes drive the delivery of services in every organization. Most of these processes are supported by people―the organization’s most valuable, and most costly, resource. People can be more productive, with lower costs and improved customer service, when processes are more accurate and less time consuming.

Intelligent automation (IA) can help improve processes, particularly when IA tools aren’t used alone. Successful implementation of IA capability may improve compliance by 92%, improve quality/accuracy by 90%, improve productivity by 86%, and reduce cost by 59%, according to a 2017 survey of more than 400 organizations by the consulting firm Deloitte. Successful implementation is the key consideration. Success, or maximum value, comes from a combination of process streamlining and automation.

Organizations that simply automate broken or inefficient processes are typically disappointed with the results. Today’s IA tools are among the most affordable and easy to implement technologies available; which may tempt organizations to automate processes as-is in their less-than-optimal state. Unfortunately, affordability and quick implementation don’t provide the long-term benefits that are otherwise possible and limit the return on your investment.

BRMi can help you quickly streamline your processes before automating them. Our mature, Agile-based pivotalF4® service delivery framework allows us to rapidly identify areas where improvements will provide the most value. We’ll show you how to optimize processes without significantly delaying implementation of IA technologies. BRMi is your one-stop source for planning and executing process improvement and IA projects in your organization.

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