BRMi Using MGT Act Guidance

//BRMi Using MGT Act Guidance

BRMi Using MGT Act Guidance

Congress enacted the Modernizing Government Technology, or “MGT,” Act late last year. The challenge of submitting a successful project proposal to the Modernization Board is now in full swing. BRMi is using MGT Act guidance to support our clients with pilot projects to prove-out costs and benefits and to demonstrate end-to-end success with rapid payback.

The MGT Act requires the repayment of funds over a defined period (not more than 5 years). For many agencies, the prospect of developing a business case with repayment of funds is a new concept. Whether you are thinking about applying for MGT Act funds or not, the shift to ensure a reasonable payback period on technology investments is good advice for all federal IT modernization efforts. Contact Anita Lynn at [email protected] today if you need help with investing in next-generation technology and understanding your current assets!

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