Reflections on the #UiPathTogether Conference

BRMi participated in UiPath’s #UiPathTogether Washington, D.C. conference on April 24, 2018. BRMi’s Chris Niedermayer, Senior Knowledge Officer, presented Don’t Automate the Cowpath: Understand and Optimize to Deliver Mission Value. In addition, BRMi’s robotic process automation (RPA) experts answered the many questions from interested participants.

To say that we were thrilled with the volume of interested participants would be an understatement! It truly was a great gauge of how important this technology is and the growing interest from the community. BRMi’s Senior Director for Applied Technology, Trevor Brown, said, “As a developer I personally was excited to see the practical applications being implemented at client’s site’s today. We are on the precipice of an amazing and important technology in the field of business optimization as the digital work force takes form.”

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