Are your IT Investments having the right impact? Your declining budget wants to know.


All too often, organizations find themselves struggling to understand and measure how well their business is performing and the true cost of their IT Infrastructure. Modernization to improve performance and growth is an ever increasing budget concern. What if there was a different way?


BRMi’s business acumen and intelligent technology solutions free you from your status quo dependencies to elevate your business performance and eliminate transition pain. Our approach is founded in helping our customers identify and correct operational and investment inefficiencies by establishing performance metrics and instrumentation. We also transfer knowledge to your organization so you can prioritize and manage opportunities going forward.


Is your agile effort building the wrong thing …Fast? It starts with the business.


Are you getting results, but are they missing the mark? Are you remedying a symptom of your issue or have you dived in from a business perspective to tackle the root cause? While agile concepts have helped organizations achieve intended results, do you find yourself questioning the value of a quickly delivered solution that doesn’t fully resolve the underlying issue or challenge?


BRMi has been a trusted partner for more than 11 years. BRMi is successful because we start with the business and take the time to understand you – the organization, mission, and goals. BRMi delivers secure, portable, and interoperable solutions that fit your changing mission needs. Our solutions are carefully crafted to accelerate your organizational and operational performance for today and the future.


Are your fears killing your cloud strategy?


You want cloud flexibility and cost savings, but are also concerned about the risks. Today’s threat vectors present themselves from all angles – from the outside and within your boundaries. What would you do if you had the ability to protect your applications and data from all sides?


BRMi uses a holistic approach to cybersecurity that envisions protecting the entire enterprise. We use emerging technologies and techniques that drastically reduce attack surfaces to protect your platforms and applications. Our agile practices integrate application development with emerging technologies to address security in all phases of the development lifecycle. This enables BRMi to deliver secure and portable solutions to protect you and your organization from threats.


Are you managing your records to meet both your business needs and Federal mandates?


Records Management is a discipline focused on identifying and managing information through the lifecycle of creation, maintenance and use, storage, and disposition. Proper Records Management enables more efficient, transparent flows of information, and increases an organization’s ability to communicate. Are you effectively managing the full lifecycle of your business information?


Organizations face challenges in developing Records Management policies, processes and technology. For example, producing retention and disposition schedules in a rapidly evolving digital landscape is no easy feat. In addition, agency policies must comply with Federal government mandates including the Federal Records Act, the OMB Managing Government Records Directive (M-12-18), as well as a number of notices and policies from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).


Federal agencies continue to face challenges in the following areas of Records Management:

  • Exponentially increasing volumes of Records created on a day-to-day basis
  • Transitioning from hard copy, paper records to soft copy, electronic records
  • Managing retention schedules for both paper and electronic records
  • Properly classifying email messages as records due to a lack of available metadata
  • Rise of social media as a communication channel, and the difficulty of capturing social media communications as records
  • Need for interoperable, enterprise-wide Records Management solutions and systems


Records Management has become an increasingly strategic business priority. Since 2010, BRMi has worked with the DHS Records and Information Management Program to manage and mature the RIM program across the DHS. BRMi developed a multi-year strategic plan designed to establish an information governance structure to support DHS’ records management mission. BRMi achieved this by creating a Records Management Maturity Model, also known as RM3i. The tool assesses an agency’s current Records Management state, and identifies ways that an agency can improve its capabilities and move toward a desired future state. This RM3i model was subsequently adopted by NARA and renamed the Federal Maturity Model to be used as a measuring tool for Federal agencies.


BRMi is also currently supporting Records Management and Information Governance initiatives at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and other Federal agencies. At NARA, BRMi is helping to establish an Electronic Records Management (ERM) Line of Business (LoB). The purpose is to coordinate ERM solutions that Federal agencies can use to meet the policies and mandates set forth by NARA, and to assist agencies in managing their electronic records efficiently and effectively. BRMi has extensive experience developing policy, and procedural guidelines to govern and manage the retention schedules and processes. BRMi is using this experience to assist agencies to define their Information Governance practices. BRMi has effectively led agencies through the process of identifying a comprehensive strategy for managing their records.


BRMi can accelerate your organization’s Records Management program and help you achieve your information governance goals today.